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Where we come from?

WebOrbit was founded in 2021 and we are located in the sunny Szeged, which is the third largest city in Hungary. Our primary activities are custom software development for the web and online server and service maintenance.

Votive Church and Cathedral, Szeged, Hungary
University of Szeged, which is one of Hungary's leading and internationally ranked higher education institutions, is located in our city. Thanks to this, we can get in touch with the best people after having their university degree to work together.

Why we ❤️ Szeged

  • This city has the most sunny hours in Hungary
  • Great university with outstanding informatics education
  • Gorgeous landscape along with the Tisza river
  • Inspiring atmosphere

An experienced Team, with a fresh start

The majority of our team has been working together for 5-7 years, with many successful projects left behind. After nearly 10 years we had a choice to either renew our team structure and create something big or continue in a less efficient but easier way.

So we took a bold step and... in January 2021 we have decided to take a fresh start in a new company, called WebOrbit, to achieve more than ever before.

Office in Szeged
located in the downtown
15 team member
ready for your project
Modern technologies
based on the cloud
17+ successful project
with various partners

About our principles

Made with love
All of our projects have a place in our hearth, don't worry, we can relate with your enthusiasm for your project.
Precise implementation
We love masterpieces, and we always try to nail it by paying attention even to the smallest details.
Cutting edge technology
We are passionate about the new technologies, and we always keep up with the trends in this ever-changing industry.
Safety first
Safety is everything. This is our mantra during the whole software development process, and in the operational stage as well.
Hassle-free communication
We love the things run smoothly, so we always give special attention for our customer's demands and feedback.
Make the world better
It's a real marvel if you can work on a project with a great social utility. These adventures makes the world a better place.

Competences we are great at

We have many years of experience in the fields described below.

As Ruby gained popularity in software development, we have acquired considerable knowledge in it, and along with that, in it’s largest framework, Ruby on Rails. We have created centralized data management platforms, social applications, educational software, and reward systems for engagement building between the customers and the employees at e-commerce companies.
Our company has several years of experience with PHP development, as our largest applications are made with the popular Symfony and Laravel frameworks and with the Drupal CMS. Our portfolio comprises of financial accounting and business project management software and we have a strong background in e-learning solutions and workflow management systems as well.
With JavaScript we have the advantage to use unlimited building blocks published by the open-source community. With these packages we have created multiple small apps, and a large, but modular microservice-based application with real-time deep image processing, detailed analytics service and a responsive mobile application, all based on the WebSocket technology.
Frontend Development
We are committed to ensure great user experience for our clients. The user interface should be detailed and precise, but intuitive enough for the users. We have strong knowledge with the most popular frontend frameworks and libraries, such as, Angular, React or Vue.js. With these technologies we can create rich and dynamic surfaces for your systems.

Our management

If you have any question, please contact us.

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Our projects

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Contact details

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WebOrbit Office

Hungary, 6722 Szeged, Kálvária ave. 24.
WebOrbit Informatics Ltd.
Szeged, Hungary
Our mission is to provide the right tools for your project to launch like a rocket.