Story of Our Team

4/23/2021   |   Bence Vörösmarty

Our story began in 2010, within the walls of the University of Szeged. At that time, a new formation was established at the Department of Software Engineering to help students work on real-world projects and gain work experience during their university education. The number of projects at the department was growing, so in just a few years a serious, well-recognized organization was built by the teams, with numerous partnerships with national and global companies. While working together, each team developed a technology path for themselves, allowing each team to work in their best field.

Our team also formed at this time and we started working with web-based technologies. At first we worked with the PHP-based Drupal CMS system, then we expanded our skillset to the Symfony framework, which is also written in PHP. With these skills, we were able to start real-world projects and we gained significant knowledge in the field of financial and ERP softwares. These products still form a base portfolio in our team today.

In a few years we started working with a new technology, the Ruby programming language and its most popular framework, Ruby on Rails. Over the years, we’ve had many Ruby-based projects, we’ve done more administration and loyalty management software, and we’ve deepened our technology knowledge. Our team was on a growth path, not only in terms of our headcount, but also in terms of our expertise.

After Ruby, we learned JavaScript / Node.js technology for a new large-scale real-time application. We felt like this was our future, working on real projects with real users, solving real problems to move the world forward a bit. Where all of our decisions have real weight because users are exposed to them and give feedback on them. Slowly, a new vision formed in our mind, than an opportunity offered to become an “grown-up” team.

In January 2021, our team became a company called WebOrbit to make sure we have everything we need to do serious, high quality work and to continue to evolve. We dove into the work with youthful vigour and the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years. We already have a lot of memories and experiences together, but we are sure that our big things are still ahead of us.

WebOrbit Informatics Ltd.
Szeged, Hungary
Our mission is to provide the right tools for your project to launch like a rocket.